Imperial Red Ale - Doppelbock hybrid

Status: Fall seasonal
ABV: 6.8%
Introduction date: September 2012

A collision between two radically differing beer styles. The malt bill is classic Doublebock with German Munich, Caramunich and Melanoidin malts mashed at high temperatures to encourage dextrin production, and further caramelized in the mashtun and kettle. Color and hopping though are pure US Imperial Red with crystal rye malt providing a rich red-amber color. The complex blend of hops - Millennium, Warrior, Chinook for bittering; Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial for flavor and aroma - provides 56 IBUs on top of 6.8% ABV; finally we added 2 lbs of freshly picked homegrown Cascade to the hopback to provide a further burst of green hop flavor. This is like your old stereo with the bass and treble both turned up to 11 - definitely not a session beer!

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